Valentine for an Ottowan

Bathsheba’s breast flat as a pancake
King David’s hand creates the curve

You walked a golden landscape
The sun transformed the world
until even motes of dust
shone like gold in the afternoon light

All around you women like fruit
All around you women like tight-closed buds
All around you women
                like a disease you wanted to catch

Once you told me “I’m dating a Touareg”
and I hated you, cataloger, just for an instant
even as I remembered all the varied shapes and colors
of my lovers, and Han, the sleek curve of his brow
the limits of my own acceptance

You send me unmerited gifts through the aether
and through the postal service:
still lives of women like fruit
bathing naked in Northern waters
bathing naked in the Spanish sun

Author: Frances Donovan

I like poetry, long walks on the beach, and net neutrality. Tending the Garden of Words ( since 1998.

10 thoughts on “Valentine for an Ottowan”

  1. An unconventional and very effective poem of experience imagination and perhaps even love. Sensual in language, rather austere underneath. Excellent piece, with some classic lines in that third stanza, among others.

  2. I hope a disease he did not catch..haha..unless one wants him too. Does anyone even use the postal service anymore?….great verse, enjoyed it.

    1. Pat, thanks for commenting and I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. It’s true that snail mail is less common than it used to be, but I find it a very useful tool both for maintaining fluency and for exchanging writing prompts from like-minded souls.

    1. Poemblaze, yes that’s right. The Volkswagen car was named after the nomadic desert people featured in Lawrence of Arabia. I once had a cab driver who was a Touareg.

  3. what an intriguing write…great opening stanza…and then the play off of it…the one giving meaning tot he other…and the looking for it…through your friend and your own experience…nice write…

  4. I like this very much. For some reason, I get an image of Paul Gauguin here, not sure why. The mildly abstract first stanza works in a way that somehow oversees the rest of the action or images in the following stanzas. The tension created by your anger, is offset nicely by an inner self-assurance that radiates warmth and understanding thruout. Of course, you do have the memory of other lovers to counter “the cataloger,” every man’s bane! ๐Ÿ™‚ Very very nicely done.

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