Red in Tooth and Claw Haiku

in the summer grass
the cat finds a wounded bird
and begins to play

Author: Frances Donovan

I like poetry, long walks on the beach, and net neutrality. Tending the Garden of Words ( since 1998.

9 thoughts on “Red in Tooth and Claw Haiku”

  1. The use of the form and the quiet, lovely, and playful imagery in relation to the action of this poem totally creeped me out. It is wonderfully gruesome. And yet, like Jonathan said, the cat is just being true to it’s nature. Very cool read!

    1. Brian, I always had trouble posting comments on your blog! But I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the narrative poem about the weaver, watching NYPD blue and living simply in a space just big enough for a bed and a duffel bag. You somehow managed to walk the line between suggestion and overstatement — I especially liked the line about the shuttlecock.

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